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Welcome To CJN Investigations!

CJN Investigations is a private investigation agency in Mukilteo, WA. We cover the Greater Puget Sound area, eastern Washington, and northern Idaho. Collectively, our investigators have many years of experience in gathering investigative intelligence and forensic evidence for businesses and private clients.

We provide a range of services including witness interviews, surveillance investigations, infidelity/divorce, missing persons, asset protection/loss prevention, and fraud investigations. Our clients include law firms, private individuals, insurance companies, and corporations.

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Over 10 years of investigative experience

Our director of investigations, Chris Neally has over 10 years of investigative experience. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and received his diploma in Private Investigation with honors from Ashworth College. With a combined experience of 7 years as a retail crime investigator and 8 years as a process server, Neally has a unique understanding of the legal industry and uses this to lead the CJN Investigations team.

Using the best technology to get you answers

The process of gathering useful information for an investigation can be complex. We utilize a combination of modern technologies and databases and our proven effective investigative methods to gather critical evidence for your case. Keeping you informed is a top priority as your case progresses, we report all findings back to you in a timely manner.

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Our Investigative Services

Service fees are dependent on the type of investigation and hourly service required.
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Surveillance for civil, domestic, and complex matters. Using videography, photography, and general observation we can monitor the whereabouts and actions of a person of interest.

Personal Injury

Gathering crucial evidence and conducting witness interviews to support your case. Our experienced team helps you build a strong foundation for justice and fair compensation.

Missing Persons

Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned in the search for answers. With relentless determination, we strive to locate missing loved ones and provide closure in the face of uncertainty.

Skip Tracing

Thorough location services used to uncover new information such as an address or phone number to help locate a hard-to-find defendant, debtor, witness, or other individuals.

Insurance Fraud

Our skilled investigators meticulously examine claims, detect fraudulent activities, and provide solid evidence to protect insurers' interests. Unmasking deception for a fair insurance landscape.

Background Checks

We delve deep into individuals' pasts (potential employee, business partner, spouse etc) verifying credentials, uncovering hidden information, and providing comprehensive reports for informed decisions.

Infidelity / Divorce

Discreet investigations to uncover the truth behind suspected infidelity, gather evidence, and provide clarity during divorce proceedings. Trust our experts to uncover the facts.

Process Service

We ensure legal documents are served with precision and efficiency. Our professional team guarantees proper delivery of all documents including subpoenas, summons, complaints, and notices.

Asset Protection / Loss Prevention

Safeguard your assets with our proactive approach. Our experts assess vulnerabilities, detect risks, and implement effective strategies to shield your assets from potential threats.

Washington Private Investigators

We are dedicated to providing high-quality investigations to each and every client. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of an investigator.

We will listen to your needs and come up with the best course of action. We're here to get you the facts you need to make informed decisions on personal, business, and legal matters.

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